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Choucre, 00s inspired candles brand


Lyss wanted a strong 00s inspired feel to her retro candle brand, Choucre; to attract a millenial/gen z audience, we went strong on nostalgic inclusions, such as tamagotchis and classic TV shows like Friends.


We love this one

Trulash, non-toxic plant fiber lashes


Smooze, luxury and fun bath and body brand



Buffy is a high-quality nail buffer that gives nails a natural shine without the need for varnish. We used the shine as inspiration for the holographic vibes and wanted to include all the 90's nostalgia.


Buffy, a luxury nail buffer that offers a natural shine and manicure without the need for varnish

The Lux Pup, a diverse dog accessories brand for pups of all shapes and sizes

the lux pup

Magic by Nahla, home made non-toxic slimes and play doughs for kids

magic by nahla

Dough Joy, a plant-based, yeast-raised donut store in Seattle

dough joy

Sean & Christopher wanted a larger-than-life brand identity for his fast-growing vegan donut business based in Seattle. Dough Joy sell delicious and uniquely flavoured donuts and drinks in their ever expanding line of stores.


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, UK wedding inspiration blog and supplier

whimsical wonderland weddings

Paradise Falls Creative, a Disney merchandising online store

paradise falls creative

miriam thiel

Miriam is a trauma-informed conscious motherhood coach and breathwork facilitator who works with mothers on healing their past trauma to allow them to be the parent they want to be for their own children.


Miriam Thiel, conscious parenting coach and breathwork facilitator trained in dealing with childhood trauma

CopyKate, a freelance copywriting business based in Ireland

glowtime coffee

CopyKate, a freelance copywriting business based in Ireland


Pretty with a purpose brand mark

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